Start Meeting from a web page

Is it possible to start a meeting from a web page without using an installed Zoom client?

My use case is going to be a large touch screen in a meeting room so we didn’t want to install a Zoom client for a user. With a room to room call, via a web page, I would like to have the host Start the meeting without the installed client. Our page is a full screen kiosk mode.

I am able to Join meetings that have already started.
I am able to Schedule meetings with the REST API too.
Is it possible to start as the host?

Hi @aweston,

Yes you can start meetings as a host from the web. Have you taken a look at our WebSDK and our Sample Web App[1]? When using it you would need to set the Role property to 1[2] to be the host.

[0] -
[1] -
[2] -

Let us know if that helps!

Please ignore my last message (it’s late here), I got this working, thanks for the help.

Setting the role to 1 did it.

Hi @aweston,

Glad that you got it to work. Let us know if you need anything else.