Start_url for webinar without asking to logIn



Is it possible to have start_url for a webinar that does not require the host to log in?
I am aware that request to ‘webinar/get’ give us a start_url for the meet, but that link requires the host to log in before launching the the Zoom App.
I am asking if there could be a Host Only start_url for a webinar,that does not require manual logging in and logs in the Host automatically ?


The start url should do just that. I just tested an it worked. Try creating a webinar, the response will have a start_url (no need to then use get) - log out of zoom client and visit the URL, it should start the webinar as the person that was set as host (via host_id upon creation)


Hi Joshua,

Yes. It works! I tried the same thing yesterday didn’t work the same way.
Nevermind, its working now. Thanks for clarifying !