Use start_url from get meetings api with parameters

I use the start_url I get from the API<meeting_id>" , and I was wondering if it was possible to pass some parameters to this url to set the username, I know this link should only be used by the host but it automatically takes the username that is registered on the account profile

No error, uname , username just ignored

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Hey @Massim,

No, the start_url does not support custom parameters.

May I ask your use case? Maybe there is another solution! :slight_smile:


I have a web application to deliver online courses that uses zoom for some courses where you need a virtual classroom, so I use scheduled meetings to do the lessons.
Using a zoom business account I associated to each course a different account, the teacher in the backend, so only after he logs in a reserved area, uses the start url and starts the lesson from the desktop application (on the web sdk the sound and the video were slow and you could hear a metallic sound every now and then with the web sdk 1.7.8).
The need is to be able to give the user name to the teacher, (actually I use the user name to read the reports and determine the attendance)
I’ve tried to use the url scheme zoommtg:// but I can’t start it as host, so for now I’m letting them in from the start_url but leaving the default username