Started getting "Invalid redirect: (4,700)"

Hi, @tommy

If I move my state query param, state doesn’t be delivered to my redirect url.
Only authorization code comes along with URL.

I think it’s weird that @pcvetanov said the problem was solved…
How can state param in authorization url can delivered to redirect url?
Does zoom have any logic to check state param and attach it to redirect url as query param?
Anyway, it DOESN’T WORK for me now…

Always thanks to your reply,

I have embed zoom using iframe, and when i put username and click “join” it returns to that page again. It supposed to lead to Password page.
The most strange part is it is working properly in same pcs but not in other pcs.
So far I have tested on like 10 pcs and out of 10, 3 pcs are working and 7 are not working. Please help me.

Hey @codyzeuner94,

Please do not double post. I have replied to you here:


Hey @dev9,

The state param should be carried through the whole OAuth process. Zoom handles the state param, not your redirect url. Can you please share steps to reproduce the issue you are seeing when moving the state param please?


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