Incorrect error message "Invalid redirect url" during OAuth authorization

We have a fully working integration that is successfully creating meetings on behalf of our users so we are confident that the configuration (including the redirect_url) is all set up correctly. However, if a user enters the incorrect credentials when logging into the Zoom sign-in page ( then the user is re-directed to a page with an error message that reads “Invalid redirect url (4, 700)”.

Which Endpoint/s?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Load the URL{clientId}&redirect_uri={redirectURL} without being logged into a zoom account.
  2. Redirected to the login page{randomNum}&client_id={clientId}&redirect_uri={redirectURL}&response_type=code
  3. Type in a valid Zoom account with an incorrect password
  4. Redirected to a page with an error message reading “Invalid redirect url (4,700)” rather than any indication of entering incorrect credenials

Screenshots (If applicable)

Additional context
As stated previously, this works properly if the correct credentials are entered so we know that the redirect URL is correct.

Hey @ansell,

Wow nice find! This is defiantly a bug and we will work asap to fix it! JIRA: ZOOM-119463

I will post back here with updates!


I am having the same problem. Any update on the progress of this fix?


Our team is looking into it. I will post back here with updates.

Thanks for your patience,

Hey @ROHAN_KHAJURIA, and @ansell,

We are releasing this fix at the end of this month (Dec).


Hi @Tommy has this issue been resolved? I am getting the same error

Hey @tawandabrandon,

This issue was fixed in dec. Can you share steps to reproduce?