StartMeetingParamsWithoutLogin meeting disconnected in a few seconds while using Meeting SDK

We have integrated Zoom Android SDK into the project. It was working well. I was using SDK 5.11. Suddenly for the last 3 days, StartMeetingParamsWithoutLogin was not working ( Zoom Documentation which I implemented ) so I looked at the recent changes in SDK.

I released in 5.13 Zoom have deleted userid from StartMeetingParamsWithoutLogin.

I have checked the JWT token and it looks perfect. I am getting ret value as 0

Can someone please help me with the latest documentation on How to start the meeting?

There is a similar issue reported but with no final answer:

@dheerajm3009 ,

here are some checklist for your scenario,

  1. Starting from 6th May, you need to upgrade to Meeting SDK Version 5.11.3 or later. We recommend to upgrade to version 5.14.11 (latest) if possible. Any version before 5.11.3 will not be able to authenticate and sign in.
  2. Are you using JWT token to authenticate, or are you using SDK Key + SDK Secret in the init params? On 6th June, we have stop accepting SDK Key + SDK Secret for SDK Auth. In other works, you need to use the SDK Key and SDK Secret to sign a JWT token, and use this JWT token for SDK Auth instead
  3. StartMeetingParamsWithoutLogin params = new StartMeetingParamsWithoutLogin();
    This would typically require 4 fields
    params.userId = “”;
    params.zoomAccessToken = "xxxx.yyyy.zzzz;
    params.meetingNo = “123123123123”;
    params.displayName = "Hello world;

Thanks for the reply @chunsiong.zoom. We have already implemented the JWT token, upgraded the Meeting SDK version, and worked on your checklist.

are you able to share the SDK log?

  • How to enable SDK log
ZoomSDKInitParams initParams = new ZoomSDKInitParams();
initParams.jwtToken = SDK_JWTTOKEN;
initParams.enableLog = true;
mZoomSDK.initialize(context, this, initParams);
  • Where to find SDK log
    • The SDK log files are encrypted files that end with the extension “.log”
    • Location: /sdcard/Android/data/[package name]/logs

Our error has been resolved. Thank you so much for your help @chunsiong.zoom.

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