startVideo not working on HTMLVideoElement

Hey @tommy I noticed that I’m not able to get “self-view-video” to work with the HTMLVideoElement on Firefox desktop (or Safari desktop when not using the canvas).

I attempted to pinpoint the issue and eventually just started using your VanillaJS sample app as a consistent and simple code base to use for testing (the official Zoom sample app is just too convoluted to follow). I’m using this app specifically that you posted in another thread: tommygaessler/vsdktest/blob/master/scripts.js#L68

Can you confirm the same? That startVideo on the <video id="self-view-video" element in your project doesn’t work?

This is easiest to replicate in Firefox, as I noticed majority of the time using your sample app that Safari will actually render on <canvas id="self-view-canvas" and not use the HTMLVideoElement.


  • After clicking Start Video button, the browser asks for permission, the Macbook’s green camera indicator light comes on, the browser shows the camera on, the other participant can view the video feed on their participant-canvas, BUT the self-video on the Video element doesn’t show on the page (it’s just a black box)

** Version:**

  • Web Video SDK 1.5.1


  • Device: [Macbook Pro]
  • Browser: [Firefox + Safari (without SAB)]
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@tommy I confirm, same issue also happening with me. I have also tested zoom video websdk react demo app on firefox desktop and self video not rendering

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@tommy any update here?

Hey @arfa.ahmed , @parker

We have found the issue, and it will be fixed in the upcoming release.


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