stopUserVideo: method is not allowing participants to unmute or start video again in the meeting


As a host when we call the stopUserVideo: method it actually stops the video of the participants but it’s not allowing the participants to publish/start the video again as it’s not allowing the user to unmute it.

Do we have any method available for video class? that can mute the video of any participant and allow him to unmute as well in the future.

e.g like we have for AudioService:
- (BOOL) muteAllUserAudio: (BOOL) allowSelfUnmute

Which version?

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Device: iPhone X
  • OS: iOS
  • Version: 13.3.1

Hi usman.awan,

Thanks for the post. I don’t think this is supported in the regular Zoom client, so SDK does not support it as well. The current behavior is:

  1. If the host mutes a participant’s video, the participant will not be able to unmute himself/herself.
  2. If the host press “Ask to start video”, the participant will have the choice to unmute or stay muted, at this time, the participant has the right to mute or unmute himself/herself.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Hi @Carson_Chen,

Thanks for your reply. I got your point regarding the behavior of SDK for mute/unmutes participant video. However, I think there should be a feature that should mute the video of participants but allow him to unmute it again.

Furthermore, Is there any feature available where when any participants join the meeting his/her audio/video is disabled by default, the participants will not be able to unmute herself/himself?


Hi usman.awan,

Thanks for the reply. Understand, since this kind of behavior is not supported in our Zoom client, so our SDK could not have it by ourselves. If you have any good suggestions, please feel free to submit a feedback at:

Once the Zoom client has it, then our SDK will inherit the behavior.