Streaming a Canvas from the Client Web Sdk instead of Camera


I would like to stream an HTML Canvas object (It’s easy to convert it into a stream, I already recorded a video of a Canvas) I would like it to function as a camera, instead of the main camera.

Is it viable? What are the ways to pull it off?


Hey @Mikron,

Perhaps you could use the screenshare function in our SDKs?

startShareScreen for Fully Customizable SDK

Or enable screenShare for the Client SDK.


In the Zoom application there’s the option to share only the computer’s sound after you click on Screen Share… This is what I’m looking for.

At least have the option for us to add an audio stream to the transmitted user’s output, thanks.

Hey @Mikron,

Unfortunately the Web SDK does not have the Share Computer Sound feature yet, like the Zoom Client (App) does.

Feel free to add this as a feature request here so we can make this more of a priority: #feature-requests

That being said, could you have a user join the meeting via the Web SDK that can play sound through their microphone? Just a thought.


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