Stuck in MeetingEndMessageActivity


Sometimes, after leaving a meeting the dialog/activity (black with a circular spinning progress bar) is stuck and does not close on itself. 

It only disappears after a user interaction and after that the sdk is stuck and the user can’t join any meeting.

Is there a way to reset the sdk instance?




Hi Amir, 

There is no method to reset SDK, could you provide more details on how to reproduce this issue? This might be a bug on Zoom Side.



In our implementation once the Zoom meeting activity goes to the background we invoke the leave meeting method.

This issue happens often If a user presses the home button right after he joins a meeting (and the room is open)



Any news on this issue?


Hi Amir,

We can’t reproduce this issue in our side. Every time, the waiting dialog will dismiss automatically after a few seconds.  Could your please provide us your SDK’s version and code snippet so that we can check what’s going on there.