Subsession manage users

We are implementing a React.js application with zoom Video SDK and subsessions. While doing that we’ve hit some bottlenecks:

  1. If a user is assigned to a new opened subsession with subsession.assignUserToSubsession(userId, subsessionId), his identifier userId is replaced with a new one for which we only have access by looking who is in that subsession. The problem here is that we are not being able to corelate the user with the old identifier in any way possible. P.S: Here I refer to the Participant interface, the userId changes when assigning to a new subsession.

  2. This one is a consequence of the first one, not being able to use subsession.moveUserToSubsession(userId, targetSubsessionId) because the userId has changed when we assigned him to the subsession and we don’t have access to the new value.

  3. Didn’t see a way to get all users from meeting (main session + subsession).

  4. Big differences of the api that is available for MeetingSDK and VideoSDK, the later one misses alot of functionality. Let’s say we want to implement the same flow from MeetingSDK and it is just not possible with VideoSDK.

Browser: Chrome
VideoSDK: 1.5.1
Web Isolate: Implemented

Hey @moldovanotiliu

Thanks for your feedback.

We will provide a property to link the user in/out of the subsession in the next release.


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