removeUser(userId) not working

Hi there, Im using instantsdk v1.0.0 in example React app given. Everything else works fine for me but removeUser method. Im calling removeUser(Legit ID) from host client which results in exception this["E"].remove() is not function. Basically what im trying to achieve is kick user from meeting. Currently i am implement logic to prevent user from re-entering if kicked on my side. Please do let me know if Zoom provides that aswell.

removeUser(id) giving exception.

Which Web Video SDK version?

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  • Device: Laptop
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Browser: Chrome@latest
  • Browser Version [latest at this time]

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So, in short my main question is how to remove/kick user when removeUser is not working, and why is it not working anyway?
And is this right approach to kick user = client.removeUser(someid);

I also see this issue on Web Video sdk 1.0.3.

Here is what the doc is. My user has .isHost = true. But, can’t remove the other user.

  • Remove the participant
    • Only the host or manager can remove others.
  • @param userId
    function removeUser(userId: number): ExecutedResult;

@vic.yang or @tommy, do you have a solution for this?


Hey @joecodingjourney

Thanks for your feedback, we have found this problem and will be fixed in the next release(1.1.0).



Thanks @vic.yang . Do you know when the ETA for release 1.1.0 by any chance?


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Thanks @vic.yang @joecodingjourney. An ETA for next 1.1.0 release would be really appreciated. Again thanks