Subsesssion support in React Native


We are building a remote teaching platform with Zoom Video SDK and Video SDK for React Native and we are trying to integrate the subsession feature.

Right now, we have the session host on Web, and have integrated the Video SDK for web (which has the subsession feature), but we also have participants joining from Web and/or mobile… For the mobile side of things we are using the video SDK for REACT NATIVE. It seems the react native video sdk does not support Sub-sessions. Is that right? Do you know when sub session support is planned for the react native sdk? Is there any other way we can use the subsession feature now?

Please advise


Hi @malone.dunlavy ,

Subsessions are not presently supported for React Native, but let me look into seeing if there is a stable work around and if/when it would be officially supported :slight_smile:

Thanks Gianni. I eagerly await your findings. :slight_smile:

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