Suddenly getting {"reason":"Invalid Token!","error":"invalid_grant"} on app that's been working for years

We are suddenly unable to use refresh token(s) to renew our access token.
I’ve manually created a new refresh token twice, but no matter what we are still receiving {“reason”:“Invalid Token!”,“error”:“invalid_grant”}

We use a PHP script that runs every 30 minutes to refresh our access token with a CURL call.
It’s been working flawlessly for years up until 11:30PM EST yesterday.

I started having the same issue at approximately the same time. The app no longer existed in the Marketplace under my developer account App Marketplace

Someone else pointed out Degraded Performance for the REST API on the status page - Perhaps somebody deleted something they shouldn’t have.

I created another app and reauthorized it (easy for me as it is a private app with only 2 users) and its working again.

Our app is like yours (private 2 user), except that ours still exists. It just no longer recognizes the latest refresh token.

Noting here that we’re also having issues with our refresh tokens, starting around Jan 22 2023 11:40PM ET.

Yep. Our logs show the failures began at the same time. Problem still persists.

Is there a way to get someone from Zoom to respond?

Looks like Zoom has declared this an incident, got an email Zoom Incident - A subset of users not able to use oauth for authentication..

@sgani , @hireauthority , and @wafflestomper730 ,
We apologize for the inconvenience caused, our team is diligently working on investigating and fixing this and we hope to update you as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience as we are working on fixing this issue.

Hi @hireauthority , @wafflestomper730, @sgani , this issue should now be resolved. Can you confirm you’re now able to successfully refresh access tokens to apps previously returning errors. You should not need to reauthenticate, existing refresh tokens will now work.

Our apologies for the disruption and thank you for reporting here.

This service status here will be updated shortly as we continue to confirm - Zoom Status - A subset of users not able to use oauth for authentication.

We’ve now moved this issue status to monitoring - Zoom Status - A subset of users not able to use oauth for authentication.

Please let us know if you are seeing this resolved, we believe it to be fixed globally :pray:

@michael.zoom , @ojus.zoom - looks like we’re able to refresh access tokens, TY!

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Confirmed. Thank you.

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@sgani , @hireauthority , thanks for confirming. We’ve moved our status page to resolved. Again, our apologies for the disruption.


We are currently using JWT with websdk 2.6.0. which will be deprecated in June 2023. Now we want to use server to server oauth app. I have a query regarding server to server oauth app using ZoomMtg. I am able to get Access token and Create meeting using simple api calls using server to server oauth account id, client id and client secret. Getting a response with start url, join url, meeting id, password etc. Now we want to integrate it with our web application. I am having trouble using ZoomMtg with Server to server oauth. Please help in this regard.

Thank you

Hi @gauravdev, I’d recommend opening a new topic in this category for your question :slight_smile:

(Please do open a new post, but as a quick note, I do not believe that server-to-server OAuth client IDs are intended to initialize the Web Meeting SDK. Do you get the same behavior with the client ID in an SDK app or a standard OAuth app?)

Apologies, I have opened a new topic and tagged you there.

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