Zoom response: reason: "Invalid Token!" error: "invalid_grant"


I am using the OAuth2 authentication, and when handling the refresh token after each request, I sometimes get a 400 Bad Request Response with the following body :

reason: “Invalid Token!”
error: “invalid_grant”

I do not get this response for all clients, only for a specific client.
Could it be a scope issue ?


Hi @arnaud.sintes

Thanks for reaching out! I am happy to help here!
It sounds like it could be a scope issue or something related to the way their account is set up.
Feel free to open up a ticket with Developer Support, so you can share the account ID thats having this issue.


If you are facing this issue on an un-published app then do check if your app is authorized. Few additional requirements were added few months back which forced my app into unpublished mode.

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