Summary of API changes in May '17 release

Hello everyone, we just want to keep the community updated on the platform changes in the upcoming release. All these changes are incremental in nature and should not impact your application.

  1. Send email to alternative hosts when calling Webinar Create/Update API 
  2. Audio report from API is not consistent with the report in Zoom admin portal 
  3. The following attributes are added to the response of the get meeting details API

          share application: True/False

          share desktop: True/False

          share whiteboard: True/False

          recording: True/False

  1. The following attributes would inherit Webinar Account level Settings when create Webinar via API

           Close registration after event date

           Allow attendees to join from multiple devices

           Show social share buttons on registration page

  1. The “registrant_id" parameter is added to the Webinar registration API
  2. Add an option in meeting/webinar create API to start recording when the session starts - “option_auto_record_type” parameter is added to the Meeting/Webinar Create/Update API 
  3. A new API has been added to get session satisfaction response “v1/metrics/satisfaction” 

Let us know if you have questions.

Wei @ Zoom