Supported Roles in zoom apps api ref not clear

I’m a bit confused about understanding who will be able to do what in the zoom apps sdk.

In some places like getMeetingParticipants it says:
Supported roles: Owner

In other places it says:
Supported roles: Host, Co-Host

What is the owner role? Is it different from Host?

Does that mean for instance that co-hosts running the app won’t be able to call the getMeetingParticipants method?

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Thanks! This is a good callout. Please bare with us while we work to improve this nascent platform

Sure, thing. But would still appreciate some clarification. Is owner equivalent to host? What are the roles that can call getMeetingParticipants and if only hosts what is the reason co-hosts aren’t given access to that call?

I’m also curious about why co-hosts aren’t able to see participants from the getBreakoutRoomList call but can only see breakout rooms.

Can you clarify?

Owner is equivalent to host or co-host. The docs are unclear, but this is what they mean

Thanks Jon,
Still some confusion for me as owner is still present in a lot of places and seems like it’s a bit different.


Client Version: 5.9.3

    getBreakoutRoomList(): Promise<BreakoutRoomsResponse>

    List all breakout rooms. Owners get list of rooms and participants for each breakout room. Co-hosts and participants get only list of rooms. The method works for participants only when breakout rooms are open.

    Supported roles: Host, Co-Host, Participant

    Supports Guest Mode: Yes

Here it seems owner is synonymous with Host only. In other places where only owner is written, it’s unclear.

I see in the recent change log that the roles have been added to the docs, but i’m not seeing any updates on some of the methods I was confused about.

I tried just now in the advanced sample react app, and I can confirm this:
getMeetingParticipants() is only allowed if you are the meeting owner (the one whose account the meeting belongs to).

Being co-host or assigned as host does not matter. You can only see get the meeting participants list if you’re the meeting owner, and not if you are connected to someone else’s meeting, even if you’ve been appointed as host or co-host.

I would like for this to change, to be in line with the other SDKs. The getAttendeeslist() method works even for guests in the Web Meeting SDK, and it’s great! This is a show-stopper feature for me.

We are targeting deprecating the owner role for the Host, Co-Host roles by the end of the year.


Thank you Ash! This will dramatically improve the Zoom App Api. I am eager to see these changes go live.