Suppress non-host video in recording (for privacy reasons)

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

In classroom setting, instructors want to record (for benefit of students not present), and we want to SEE students (for benefit of live interaction).

HOWEVER, students are wary of having their video recorded, sometimes for good long-term privacy reasons (and this motivates turning off camera, which is bad for classroom interaction, or it motivates resistance to having the session recorded at all).

Describe the solution you’d like

Please enable participant-video-privacy mode on recordings: option to record session so as to include host-camera video (+ screenshares + any co-hosts) but NOT any video feed from non-host participants. (Most students are not worried about their audio being included, and certainly the collective audio is essential for most classroom-discussion archive recordings.)

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

I’ve tried to record my own screen during the zoom session. I’m having a devil of a time ensuring that I’m consistently getting the zoom audio routed to my screen-recording software. Partial solutions found, but software-intensive and prone to glitches.

Additional context

Students are entitled to request that we NOT have video recordings of them. This is a nice way to ensure that one or two students “veto” of recordings doesn’t interfere with making a class presentation archive available to students who are absent.

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