Issues with embedded zoom

Please find the list of issues that we are facing while using embedded zoom. This is stopping us from rolling zoom out for our teachers.

  1. We are unable to see our video which would really make it difficult for us to understand if our video is turned on or not.

  2. It shows an error to update for gallery view / SAB though our chrome is updated to the latest version.

  3. If the third person joins we get an empty video overlay which has to be minimized. Is there any better way we can handle this?

  4. If the teacher/student shares the screen, the stop sharing button comes over the video in the collapsed mode.

  5. In the collapsed mode if a student clicks on settings, the video is getting hidden.


In this document we can read-

Note: Cloud recordings can not be embedded on websites, in order to protect the security of the recording.

But recording is one of our most important requirements.

Hey @Akhand,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. I’m happy to help out here!

First, I recommend testing with our Sample Web App and also following our guide on Improving Web SDK Performance.

If you’re still seeing the same issues, please submit a ticket through our Developer Support Center and include a link to this thread. We can work to set up a meeting and debug these issues live.


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