Talking indicator disappears when screen share starts

The talking indicator disappears when the screen share starts on the MeetingSDK web.

Which Web Meeting SDK version?

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This is annoying because it keeps disappearing whenever someone shares the screen is there a way to keep it sticky the settings

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  • OS: Linux
  • Browser: Chrome
  • Browser Version 97

Welcome, @srinjoy,

Thank you for posting! Do you have SharedArrayBuffer enabled? If not, can you enable and test again, you can find instructions on how to enable SharedArrayBuffer enabled here:

yes i have it enabled but the view i want is the one with it disabled , however i know disabling it reduces the quality for video and also causing some blackscreen during screenshare

Also @donte.zoom the video and audio is still freezing i see that in the meeting sdk(web) changelog it was mentioned that this issue is fixed but i am still facing this issue even on the latest sdk.

@donte.zoom any updates i can see regularly calls where the video gets stuck when using zoom meeting sdk web to join the calls many of our customers are upset with it, it didn’t seem to happen before but now it has started happening and increased a alot in the 2.6.0 version.


Have you considered leveraging the component view? It looks like the reason you are seeing the indicator disappear is because SharedArrayBuffer is disabled. When the SharedArrayBuffer is enabled, the view will be :


If you are looking for more design flexibility, you will want to leverage the Component view. Client View is the same as the Zoom Web Client.

  1. Which browser you are seeing the audio/video issues in? If it is Chrome, be sure to update to at least 1.3.0 to not experience audio issues.

  2. Also, is this happening when SharedArrayBuffer is disabled?

would just like to point out that sharedArrayBuffer is not disabled for me its is enabled i had this tested using

typeof SharedArrayBuffer === 'function';

the result for this is true in my case

and yes even with sharedArrayBuffer enabled the talking indicator disappears as you have clearly shown in your screenshot as well, ideally the talking indicator should still be present if it was present before right
ill try component view once

For the video and audio freeze
Browser in my case is chrome 97 the changelog clearly says to ignore if chrome version is lesser than 100

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Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Is this topic still an issue for you, @srinjoy ?