Meeting SDK Web 2.9.5 release

Hello Zoom Developers, here are the updates for the Meeting SDK Web 2.9.5 release :slight_smile:

Client View


  • Gallery view supports for Firefox with SharedArrayBuffer enabled.
  • Electron web view screen sharing support via shareSource option.
  • Support for broadcasting audio messages to breakout rooms.
  • Support to send or receive files in chat messages.


  • Waiting page to auto join meeting or webinar when started.
  • onRetryCallback to provide the meeting UID, such that it can be used to end a meeting via REST API when a “meeting cannot be started because another meeting is running” error is encountered.


  • Subtitle blocked when showing captions.
  • An issue where promoting an attendee or demoting a panelist would cause the QA and raise-hand buttons to be unclickable.
  • Missing options in sign language view.
  • Issue where sign language view sometimes dropped to an invisible area.
  • Meeting password unintentionally visible to attendees in certain cases.
  • Error code 1005 message to correctly read as “No response from web, try again later.” when encountering issues joining webinars.
  • Webinar UI not resizing correctly for attendees after the host stops screen sharing.

Component View


  • Gallery view for Firefox with SharedArrayBuffer enabled.
  • Support for the host to start a breakout room automatically or manually.
  • Support for broadcasting chat messages to breakout rooms.
  • Multi-language transcription feature.
  • Caption, transcription, and translation support.
  • caption-message , recording-change , and local-recording-change events callbacks.

You can also see the update listed on our Changelog:


you should update your documentation for SharedArrayBuffer enabled

for firefox there are no ‘Credentialless Headers’ - only ’ Cross-Origin Isolation’ is possible and also works

Hey @j.schoenemeyer ,

Thank you for the suggestion, I will make sure this is clear in the docs. :slight_smile:


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