Technology Stack and Architecture Diagram

For zoom app submit Technology Stack and Architecture Diagram what are you referring, are you referring our application Architecture and technology stack or how we use zoom api for our application?

Hi @sathish.k
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community.
For your app submission, you can share an overview of your app architecture and share more details on how you use Zoom APIs within your app.

Thanks @elisa.zoom … and one more thing for technology stack is we need to describe all library and api that we are use in our application??

@sathish.k You can just mention the libraries you used but you do not need to go into a very detailed explanation. It can be an overwiew

Hi @elisa.zoom .

Do I only need to describe the Zoom API and Zoom SDK that I used, and the libraries that I used for Zoom integration? Or do I need to describe all the libraries I used for features not related to Zoom integration?

Thank you for any advice you can give me.

Hi @fumin
I believe that you have to describe the libraries that you used for the Zoom integration, the ones that are related to it, as well as the API and SDK you used.

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Thank you for your replying!
Your answers are very helpful!

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