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Hi we are building our payment service into Zoom meetings. We need the Paytia interface the Zoom meeting host (the receving party) and the Zoom participant (who will be paying) to be loaded inside the Zoom meeting central frame.

All we cna do when testing is to load the page an external website, but we can’t see if or how we load the iframe or web page inside the Zoom meeting application.

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Hi @craig.marston , we do not support iFrames or embedding web pages directly within the Zoom meeting.

Are you using one of the SDKs? If so, which one and version?


Hi Gianni, we are adding our payment service directly into the Zoom meeting service as a marketplace app. The meeting host will be able to start the app to retrieve the payment entry page from our application. So rather than using an SDK to take the Zoom elements out into our application we want to put our applciation into Zoom meetings itself.

Hey @craig.marston
If you are trying to develop an app that you can launch when a meeting is live, then you should look into our Zoom Apps.

Basically with this apps, you can launch your application in Meeting, and participants will be able to see it/use it.

I hope this helps!

Thanks Elisa. We did develop using Apps in the end. We have it working in concept but can’t share it outside of the first test account so we are working on that now.

Thats great news @craig.marston
I am happy you are working on it already!
For you to be able to share your app outside the test account, your App will need to be reviewed by the Marketplace team. Find more information about that here:


Thanks for your feedback.

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