Text field for participants of zoom meeting and recording data

I wanted to know if we are organising a quiz on zoom, where we need private input from the participants so that the input is securely recorder in some database corresponding to the name of the participant. Is there any piece of code for that which can work on that.
Because during this time all the quizes need to be organised accurately online.

Hi @jamessam.88js,

Thanks for reaching out about this—While we don’t exactly have what you’re looking for out of the box, there are a few alternatives that you might consider, if you’re interested in collecting information from your meeting participants: 1) Zoom Polls, or 2) Zoom Registration Questions (this kind of participant input occurs prior to the meeting, not in-meeting)

Here’s the relevant documentation for each of these endpoints:

While I realize this isn’t the same thing, I do hope maybe one of these could help achieve a similar goal.


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