The history of some past meetings is being deleted

Some meetings are eventually removed from history (past meetings). Logs do not show anything.

To check the logs I use:

Please tell, whether there are conditions when data from history can be deleted?

Hi @dmitry9222,

Has it been over 30 days since these meetings were held? If so, it’s likely that the meetings have expired. Note that if a scheduled meeting hasn’t been held for 30 days, it will expire/be removed. More details on this here.

Let me know if this might be the case,

@will.zoom , The meetings are really older than 30 days. However, these meetings were valid and the meetings took place. However, they are still missing in history.

Hi @dmitry9222,

Thank you for confirming. This seems like it’s likely related to expired Meeting IDs. If you’re not seeing the meetings reflected in Past Meeting history, our Support team should be able to take a look at these specific instances for you. You can reach out to them directly here to confirm.

Thank you,

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