The information from the web interface and the API on video records in the cloud do not match very much

I’m trying to get a list of video records of all my users using the API. I get a total of 217 recordings so far with an approximate size of 54GB. But in the Owner’s personal account under Account Management - Recording Management I see 358 recordings of 70Gb in size.
Then I went to the personal account of one particular user and I see a strange picture there. The list contains 6 entries, but at the bottom I see that there are 13 of them, and the page turning buttons are not active, which is logical (see Fig. 1).

It turns out that the information in the interface and the API do not match very much.

Where do 7 more records come from that are not visible? And how can I see them?
How can I get real correct data using API?

Hi @zoom03
Thanks for reaching out to us!
I am happy to help here!
Allow me some time to do some testing on my end and will come back to you with an update shortly