The issue of participation in multiple meetings

Can the same user participate in multiple meetings at the same time on the desktop client, or is there another way to do this

@Bruce.Wang if you are asking if you can run multiple instance of the Meeting SDK / Zoom Client on a single desktop client, the answer is no.

Hi @chunsiong.zoom Thank you very much for your reply.
Is it possible to open multiple meetings in the background through an API, and if so, which API?

@Bruce.Wang I

I’m not sure if i understand your question.

If you want to run more than 1 meeting SDK on one computer, generally it is not doable.
Example running 2 x meetingsdk.exe file on Windows, it will not work.

However one possible way is to run each of them on a docker instance on the same computer, that will allow you to run multiple instances of Meeting SDK on the same computer, via abstraction with docker.