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Hello, web developers, Im new in this developing and got stuck and this error "Client error: "GET resulted in a 400 Bad Request response: {“code”:200,“message”:“Account does not enabled REST API.”}" When I try to connect to the REST API and I have question what should I write here ‘
instead of ‘me’ I tried every data that I have in my project and still had the same error. Only when I tried this one ‘ZOOM_API_KEY’ I had this error “Undefined constant “Modules\Zoom\Service\and my zoom api key””.

Hi @antonshupen ,

What exactly did you do to get there? What type of app did you create? Please walk me through reproducing and check this out:

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What exactly did you do to get there

I just wanted to get tokens from the api, and had that error in my laravel.
I did use the OAuth app.
And did try to use Postman and still have the same error that {“code”:200,“message”:“Account does not enabled REST API.”}".

Hi @antonshupen,

Please try re-generating an access token using the guidance in our public workspace:

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Thank you everything working great!
I have a question for you, how to get the password of the meeting in JS? Because I did write it manually but want to do it automatically

Hi @antonshupen , if you use the create a meeting endpoint, you can grab the password from the response body programmatically

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