Token index tolerance increase request

I created a ticket and was directed to post in the dev forums. We have two server-to-server Oauth applications that we would like to increase the token index tolerance on to three.

I’d prefer not to share the account and clientId in a public forum, but would happily provide in a private setting.


@john.markley very soon, we are launching a new feature with server to server OAuth apps, that will enable you to have multiple tokens (expiry 1 hr), without needing to increase the token index . Please follow our changelog here :

Thanks for the quick response Ojus!

I was unable to find any documentation saying when this change would be coming, do you have insight on if it is in the scale of days or weeks?

We’re currently facing a production issue where users are invalidating other users access tokens while requests are midflight and are looking to have at least two tokens available to use so we can introduce a token rotation strategy

@john.markley Hopefully over this weekend!