Transcriptions in Archived Files

We are developing a solution around Zoom’s archiving feature. Obtaining transcripts of the meetings within the archived_files is only possible when the Live Captions are enabled and turned on. However, they are turned on manually and at users’ discretion, which is a downside in terms of compliance.

I would like to have a way to enforce/make sure that when archiving is turned on, we can capture all the data for which the archiving was enabled for, particularly in this case, transcripts.

It does not really matter how this is done. There should either be a way to enforce Live Captions to be automatically enabled as soon as the meeting starts, or another way dedicated for archiving feature only, to make sure transcripts are generated and archived, independent of user actions in the meeting.


Sounds nice! You can also transcribe long audio files, using automatic transcription by Automatic Transcription - Audext and then proofread them.