API to get Meeting Transcript

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Is there a way to use the API to get a meeting’s transcript - produced through turning on Captions (not live recording)?

I’ve seen this discussion about getting transcript information:

But this answer focuses on getting a transcript that is produced when live recording is enabled. Zoom also can produce a transcript without live recording through captions (during a meeting going to Captions → View Full Transcript).

Where can I find info on how to access that transcript through the Zoom API?



Here it is:

The /v2/meetings/<meeting id/recording uuid>/recordings endpoint.

It will return both the live transcript if it is enabled to be saved, and will also return the post processed transcript after it is available. It will be part of the recording_files array.

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Thanks for this info! You think this works to return the transcripts from captions even if the users are not recording the meeting? I’m looking to get the live transcript that is available when captions are turned on.

(The confusion is that this endpoint seems to be focused on “recording”).

I understand correctly, you are interested in the TTV file associated with the closed caption “live transcription” after the meeting has ended.
If so, it is returned by /recordings endpoint as @smurray mentioned.

There is a recording_files and if there is a live transcript it will be in that array with file_type of CC.

Screenshot from the docs

I just tested myself and if do you not record, but enable “live transcript”, a closed caption transcript is not generated. This implies recording is required (at least for this approach).

With that said, there may be some programatic way to access the live transcript as a streaming/event/message updates via sdk but I am not sure how that works. Someone else would need to speak to that approach if it exists.

Hi There. Yes, what I mean is getting the transcript that zoom produces when you enable captions.

On a zoom call, if you enable captions (live recording not necessary), you can view the live transcript, and also choose to save that transcript. It is generated live, available for save immediately, and does not require recording. I use it all the time in calls and its great. More info here:


In the API docs I do not find anything about captions. Perhaps with the SDKs it’s possible?

It would be awesome if it was actually possible to get the TTV post-meeting - even if there is NO recording - we’re building a tool that keeps track of the users call and being able to review the transcript would be extremely helpful to our users. cc @developer-advocates


Is there any update on this? I still don’t see a way in the API docs, so I’m just wondering, did anyone figure a way to do this?