API to get Meeting Transcript

Hi There,
Is there a way to use the API to get a meeting’s transcript - produced through turning on Captions (not live recording)?

I’ve seen this discussion about getting transcript information:

But this answer focuses on getting a transcript that is produced when live recording is enabled. Zoom also can produce a transcript without live recording through captions (during a meeting going to Captions → View Full Transcript).

Where can I find info on how to access that transcript through the Zoom API?


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Here it is:

The /v2/meetings/<meeting id/recording uuid>/recordings endpoint.

It will return both the live transcript if it is enabled to be saved, and will also return the post processed transcript after it is available. It will be part of the recording_files array.

Thanks for this info! You think this works to return the transcripts from captions even if the users are not recording the meeting? I’m looking to get the live transcript that is available when captions are turned on.

(The confusion is that this endpoint seems to be focused on “recording”).