Transfer data to another user


Are there plans to implement an API to transfer meetings/webinars to another user?

I have 1,000 - 2,000 account terminations a month and need an automated way to transfer zoom data to managers or replacements. The only way I could find, was through the admin portal doing them one at a time.


Hi David,


Can you explain your use case a little more? Is this for past meetings or upcoming meetings? Why the ned to transfer meetings/webinars to other users?


Managers or their admins will schedule training, meetings, webinars, etc for the next quarter. It would be more convenient to transfer meetings to a new host, instead of deleting and recreating.

This would also apply SSO users who change their email address and have a new account created.


So you are not creating the meetings via the API then?

It sounds like someone is scheduling a meeting for someone else, is that right? There is an assistant’s feature that allows authorized person’s to schedule meetings on behalf of others… is that your use case?


The SSO issue is tricky, this happens when someone gets married/divorced right?


We do utilize the schedule on behalf, so these would be replacements, transfers, renames, etc.


Unfortunately I dont believe this feature exists