TTL is not working with create meeting invite link API

I am using create meeting invite links API with {{baseUrl}}/meetings/:meetingId/invite_links endpoint and i am able to create meeting links for attendees but the issue is that TTL is not working for the invite link.

If i set TTL for 1 minute or 10 seconds it will not expire after the given time and i can attend meeting via invite link even after a day

Please help

Hi @abdullah2

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
Could you please share with me the request body that you are sending when Creating the invite links so I can debug this issue further


There is no code here. I am creating this invite link with TTL of 10 seconds and even after hours i am able to join a meting with this particular link
I am using postman collection of a zoom with URL {{baseUrl}}/meetings/:meetingId/invite_links

Request body is


"ttl": 10,

"attendees": [

    {"name": "test1234"}



I am getting response back but the link never expires.

Hi, @abdullah2,

Thank you for calling attention to this behavior. I’ve reproduced this behavior on my end. As a step, I will place an internal ticket to have this looked at closer [ZSEE-46214]. I will keep you posted on what I learn.


Hey @donte.S , I am also hitting a wall with this issue. Is there any update on the internal ticket?

Sorry you are hitting a wall with this issue. This issue was marked as a bug and our engineers are working to resolve it. I will request a status-up and let you know what I learn.


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