Unable to create OAuth app with custom scheme for PKCE

I’m trying to follow the OAuth PKCE guide at Supporting OAuth in your SDK app

It states:

  1. In your OAuth application on Marketplace, put the custom URL scheme in the redirect URL and allow list.

So I tried that, using myapp://myapp.zoom.us?code for both the redirect URL and in the OAuth Allow List section. In both places, there’s a red error message of “Wrong URL format”. See the screenshot below for an example. (I’ve tried it with various other custom schemes. Only http and https appear to be allowed. Although even there, a path-and-query of myapp.zoom.us?code fails validation for some reason. myapp.zoom.us/?code passes validation.)

I can see three possibilities here:

  • I’m doing something wrong, and custom schemes are supported by Zoom servers and the Marketplace
  • Custom URL schemes are supported by Zoom servers, but the Marketplace admin side is being overzealous on its validation
  • Custom URL schemes aren’t actually supported at all

Please could you clarify which possibility is actually the case? If it’s the third, please could you change the documentation to avoid giving the impression that custom URL schemes are supported?

Screenshots (If applicable)

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Hi @jonskeet ,

Ahh! I’m pretty sure client url schemes have been deprecated so let me verify this with our team and address the documentation.

Thank you,

That would be a pity - it did look like it was going to make things simpler.

Between out-of-date documentation as per this post, various aspects of confusion I laid out a while ago in an earlier post, and another post which went completely unanswered, I’m finding it really hard to move from email/password login to OAuth :frowning:

Any update on this? The documentation looks like it’s still the same, and time is ticking away before the old SDKs supporting username/password login will be discontinued.

I can see that the move to OAuth is important for Zoom, but I’d really appreciate some more support in actually implementing it.

Pinging this to avoid it being closed… @gianni.zoom any updates you could share with us?

@jon.zoom Pinging you as you’ve been responsive in the past, and I’ve heard nothing since February. Any chance of an update here?

(The whole “migrating from email/password to OAuth” task is still rather problematic IMO, given the unaddressed marketplace concerns and out-of-date documentation noted here. It’s not giving me much confidence.)

@jonskeet I think I had the same issue, and it looks like custom schemes are not supported in OAuth apps but are indeed supported in SDK OAuth apps, at least it worked for our test app.

Unfortunately you can only have a single SDK app, and I don’t want to convert that into an OAuth app in case that causes problems for my existing application.

(Fundamentally it feels like we really just need much better documentation for this, and for it to be accurate and up-to-date.)

Just to confirm, after converting my SDK app to OAuth (which doesn’t seem to have caused any problems), I can indeed use the custom scheme.

It would be good if the documentation could be updated to clarify this.

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