Zoom PKCE OAuth Installation problem


I’m trying to use Zoom PKCE OAuth and I’m having some difficulties.

An OAuth app was created (on DEV mode) with my custom URL Schema (registered on ANDROID) then I’ve generated the OAuth Authorize URL, following the RFC 7636 (code verifier, code challenge, etc.).

When I try to open the URL on Android it shows that my app can’t be installed. Its obvious that I cannot install it going on zoom dev page, manage app because the URL used is not a valid domain in the internet, its a custom url scheme for Android. So my question is: How do I get my OAuth working on my DEV environment so I can test the entire flow before publishing it on production?

I’m attaching here the print that shows the problem.


Hey @casmeiron,

Thank you for reaching out to the forum! Currently, the Marketplace doesn’t support redirecting to an Android schema. Instead, you can provide a URL to a web server that can complete the redirect.

Would that work for your use case?


Hi @MaxM ,

We got it working on DEV… are you saying it won’t work on production? So we should not use PKCE but instead the standard way, doing everything on backend?