Unable to create or join a session. Please try again. (Error Code: 1500)

Video SDK Type and Version

Cannot create or join a session

“Unable to create or join a session. Please try again. (Error Code: 1500)”

Troubleshooting Routes
Search of web and forum turned up nothing for this specific error code.

How To Reproduce

  1. Following these directions: Video SDK - Windows - Get started
  2. Used Visual Studio 2019 to build with configuration “Release x64”
  3. Copied JWT from the credentials page for my application. (Window still showed “token is empty” message, but on re-opening settings the message was gone.)
  4. Attempted to create a session. (Same error when attempting to join.)

@gabriel2 ,

Please tag if for response.

For the JWT token in step 3, you will need to generate it yourself using the SDK Credentials’

The JWT Token which is shown on the marketplace portal is only for accessing REST API

I created the above jwt but still can’t seem to access the zoom sdk demo


@tien01nx The specific topic here is referring to Video SDK.

Your screenshot (JWT token) is referring to a different product (Meeting SDK).

If you are using Meeting SDK, could you open a new thread and tag me in the thread. I’ll help you on a different thread to avoid confusion for other users.

I followed this link and didn’t see it

Build Video SDK
Maybe that made me create the wrong Meeting SDK

Please just download the video sdk for me to use

@tien01nx you will need to sign up for a video SDK account here Buy it now - Zoom

Do note that this needs to be on a new email address which does not have any Zoom Meeting associated with it.

Once you have signed up for a Video SDK account on a new email address, you should see a different page from what is seen from the screenshot.