Unable to End Meeting in My App

When I add MobileRTC framework in a new project it works fine. But When I added this framework in my existing application, there is one issue. Everything works but I am not able to End Meeting. When I tap on End button it does nothing in my application.

Which iOS Meeting SDK version?


Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Device: iPhone 11
  • OS: iOS 14.5

Additional context
Screen that appears on tapping on End button does not appear in my application, but it works fine in sample project. I am unable to find the reason of this issues as I have implemented the same code.

Followed this GitHub repo too to copy MobileRTC bundle and framework : GitHub - zoom/client-sdk-iOS-getting-started

Hi @rabia, thanks for using our SDK.

It’s difficult to say what could be causing this without some additional information around what differences exist between your existing app where this issue is present and the new project where the issue is not present. Can you please provide some context so we can better understand what may be causing this?


Hi Jon, I have followed same processes in my test app and existing app too. I am also not able to find the reason why its happening. This is what I want to know what are the possibilities of this issue? I have implemented this in tab bar controller, It calls the function :slight_smile: func onClickedEndButton( _ parentVC: UIViewController, end endButton: UIButton) → Bool
On tapping on end or leave button. I have shown an custom alert here. But I want to have that same screen that Zoom have in its SDK and in my test app too.

Hi @rabia,

Are you able to provide a demo app in which this issue is reproducible?


Hi Jon, I have found the reason of all issues I was facing. Actually I have 2 targets in my app. When I remove 1, it works fine. Seems like there is conflict with multiple targets. Can you please check this with multiple targets in one project?

Hi @rabia,

I’m not sure if it’s just the inclusion of a second target could be causing this, since our sample app has 2 targets as well and works correctly. Would you be able to provide a demo project in which we can reproduce this issue to confirm exactly what’s going wrong on your end?


Hey @jon.zoom , can you please provide me your email id So I can send you demo project where I am facing this issue. Either, Can we contact over Skype to discuss in detail? Either way suits you. I’ll be very thankful to you

Hi @rabia,

The best way to send this over would be through a ticket on our developer support site. Be sure to mention this thread so that the ticket gets correctly routed to me. :slightly_smiling_face:


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