Unable to fetch recording from cloud by using PMI

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I am trying to fetch recording from cloud for meeting created by Personal meeting id.
While creating meeting i have got id in response, which i have used for fetching recording using “meetings/{meetingId}/recordings” api. Everything working fine if i set “use_pmi” value false while creating meeting. But if I set “use_pmi” true while creating meeting, everything working fine except I am getting error while fetching recording

Client error: GET https://api.zoom.us/v2/meetings/81795987446/recordings resulted in a 404 Not Found response:\n
{“code”:3301,“message”:“This recording does not exist.”}

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
Get meeting recordings

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Create 2 meetings with use_pmi : true in setting
  2. You will get response which contain one of the parameter, id
  3. If you use that id for fetching meeting details, you will get details.
  4. But if you use that id for fetching meeting recording, you will get error which i have metioned above.

Additional context
I am creating meeting with following request

$path = ‘users/me/meetings’;
$url = $this->retrieveZoomUrl();

$body = [

 'headers' => [

    'Authorization' => 'Bearer ' . $this->jwt,

    'Content-Type' => 'application/json',

    'Accept' => 'application/json',


 'body' => json_encode([

    'topic' => $this->topic,

    'type' => $this->type,

    'start_time' => $this->start_time,

    'duration' => $this->duration,

    'agenda' => $this->agenda,

    'timezone' => $this->timezone,

    'settings' => [

       'use_pmi' => true,

       'host_video' => $this->host_video,

       'participant_video' => $this->participant_video,

       'waiting_room' => $this->waiting_room,

       'auto_recording' => 'cloud',




Hi @shreyasv

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
I see that you are getting an error when trying to get the recording of a meeting that was created with your PMI.

Could you please try sending the PMI in your url request instead of the meeting ID
This should fix your error

I done that already.
But the problem is, i am getting latest meeting recording only.
The script is running in background which check meeting is completed and then get that meeting id and fetch the recording in loop.

If i used PMI and if two meetings were completed, then i am able to fetch latest meeting recording only.

Hi @shreyasv

I see… that behavior that you are experiencing is in fact the expected behavior:

Screen Shot 2021-12-08 at 4.28.08 PM

You will need to pass the meeting uuid instead.
For that, you will need to call the endpoint
List ended meeting instances passing the PMI in your path parameters and once you get the different uuids for the different instances of your PMI, then you will be able to query with the uuids

Hope this helps,

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