Unable to get instance of IZoomSDKAudioRawDataHelper

On zoom SDK version 5.13.5 (12103) I’m unable to get instance IZoomSDKAudioRawDataHelper (getting nullptr instead), when calling this after successful authorization:

IZoomSDKAudioRawDataHelper *rawAudioHelper = GetAudioRawdataHelper();

What I want to achieve is to stream to the zoom meeting raw audio (for example from a remote file) using

SDKError IZoomSDKAudioRawDataHelper::setExternalAudioSource (IZoomSDKVirtualAudioMicEvent *pSource )

On MacOS meeting SDK it’s possible to get instance of

ZoomSDKRawDataController * dataController = [sdk getRawDataController]

and stream raw data from virtual mic to the zoom meeting using delegate, which is set with setExternalAudioSource.

Is where a way to get IZoomSDKAudioRawDataHelper without following flow diagrams here, because I’m only interested in sending data to the zoom meeting and not receiving from within it?

Just wanted to follow up my question with a bit more context.
On windows SDK I’m able to get instance of IZoomSDKAudioRawDataHelper after calling
StartRawRecording, but then I’m getting undesired recording notification, as I’m developing bot application which sends interpretation audio stream to a zoom meeting.

Also even though if I set external audio source using

IZoomSDKAudioRawDataHelper::setExternalAudioSource (IZoomSDKVirtualAudioMicEvent *pSource )

and send data using

IZoomSDKAudioRawDataSender::send(char* data, unsigned int data_length, int sample_rate)

I’m only able to hear device’s default microphone and not the stream from the virtual one. On same version of macos meeting sdk I’m able to achieve desired result using similar means without the need to start raw recording, so my original question stands, just wanted to know if it’s a bug, missing feature or I’m doing something wrong. Thank you for your help.

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