Unable to join a registered meeting directly by the URL

I have a web App that has integrated Zoom SDK.
Previously we used to prompt users to input meeting ID and password but that was quite inconvenient. So we started to paas the meeting ID, password and name as parameters that would allow people to join directly through the url and there is no hassle of putting in the meeting ID and password.

So our url looks like this https://{our app domain}/zoom/class?name=Gokul&mn={meeting number}&pwd={password}

And it worked like this :

But if in the meeting id and password we put the id password of a registered meeting, instead of joining the meeting, it asks for registration.

And then the link we get after registration has some additional parameters like “tk”. And even after registering. In my app it again asks for registration.

What can I do to allow my users to join a registered meeting directly by the url?


I read some documentation and could at-least allow the user to join a registered meeting. I passed the tk(token) of the registered meeting as a parameter in the URL but there was an issue. I want the person to be join with the credentials(name etc.) with the ones a person registered for.

Currently a person can join. But how may I pass the exact credentials with the registered meeting for various users?

Hey @devansh30081999,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. Just to be clear, you’re seeing that the username and email set via the Web SDK are used for the meeting instead of the registrant information that is set via the tk?

What version of the Web SDK are you using?


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