Unable to join meeting in iOS SwiftUI app

I have imported the Zoom meeting SDK v5.17.6.13115 in my SwiftUI app.
I am facing an issue in this while trying to join a meeting.
Below is my code snippet -

class VideoViewController: UIViewController, MobileRTCAuthDelegate, MobileRTCMeetingServiceDelegate {
    override func viewDidLoad() {
    func askPermissionsForCameraFeed() {
        AVCaptureDevice.requestAccess(for: AVMediaType.video) { response in
            if response {
                //access granted
            } else {
                print("access not granted")
    func getMainWindowToShareWithAppDelegate(){
        DispatchQueue.main.async {
            let scene = UIApplication.shared.connectedScenes.first
            let windowSceneDelegate = scene?.delegate as? UIWindowSceneDelegate
            let window = (windowSceneDelegate?.window)!
            UIApplication.shared.delegate = AppDelegate.Shared
            let delegate = UIApplication.shared.delegate as! AppDelegate
            delegate.window = window
            print("finding window to provide to zoom sdk")
            self.authenticateMobileRTCWith(jwt: "jwt_token")
    func authenticateMobileRTCWith(jwt: String) {
        if let authService = MobileRTC.shared().getAuthService() {
            authService.jwtToken = jwt
            authService.delegate = self
    func joinMeeting(meetingNumber: String) {
        if let meetingService = MobileRTC.shared().getMeetingService() {
            meetingService.delegate = self
            let joinMeetingParameters = MobileRTCMeetingJoinParam()
            joinMeetingParameters.meetingNumber = meetingNumber
            joinMeetingParameters.password = "password"
            meetingService.joinMeeting(with: joinMeetingParameters)
    func onMobileRTCAuthReturn(_ returnValue: MobileRTCAuthError) {
        switch returnValue {
        case .success:
            print("SDK successfully initialized.")
            joinMeeting(meetingNumber: "meeting_no")
        case .tokenWrong:
            print("SDK JWT is not valid.")
            presentJoinMeetingAlert(errMsg: "Wrong SDK authentication token")
            print("SDK Authorization failed with MobileRTCAuthError: \(returnValue).")
            presentJoinMeetingAlert(errMsg: "SDK Authorization failed: \(returnValue).")
    func presentJoinMeetingAlert(errMsg: String) {
        let alertController = UIAlertController(title: "Join meeting", message: errMsg, preferredStyle: .alert)
        let cancelAction = UIAlertAction(title: "Ok", style: .default, handler: { (action : UIAlertAction!) -> Void in })
        self.present(alertController, animated: true, completion: nil)
    func onMeetingError(_ error: MobileRTCMeetError, message: String?) {
        print("Could not join or start meeting with MobileRTCMeetError: \(error) \(message ?? "")")
        presentJoinMeetingAlert(errMsg: message ?? "Could not join meeting due to some unknown reason.")
    // Is called when the user joins a meeting.
    func onJoinMeetingConfirmed() {
        print("Join meeting confirmed.")
    // Is called upon meeting state changes.
    func onMeetingStateChange(_ state: MobileRTCMeetingState) {
        print("Current meeting state: \(state)")

I am getting the following error in my console -
" Could not join or start meeting with MobileRTCMeetError: MobileRTCMeetError(rawValue: 8) the meeting does not exist".

Any idea how can I fix this issue ?