Zoom sample ios app error

I downloaded client-sdk-iOS-getting-started-master from github and in this sample when i run swift demo project it works fine after solving few errors butt when i made my NewProject for implementing i did everything correct like added framework ‘MobileRTC.framework’, ‘MobileRTCResources.bundle’ and all the delegates then when i try to join meeting it does not show anything and in the sample activity loader runs.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Add MobileRTC.framework and MobileRTCResources.bundle.
  2. Add SDK key and SDK secret in app delegate class.
  3. Add functions and delegates in app delegate class.
  4. Add start meeting and join meeting buttons, actions and some functions and delegates in the ViewController class.
  5. Run the project, join meeting, enter meeting details and nothing will happen unable to join meeting
  • Device: iPhone X
  • OS: Xcode 12.4

Hey @KhawarMunawar,

Thanks for using the dev forum!

First, did you get the frameworks from the Zoom Marketplace?


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