Unable to join webinar from electron SDK

Hi Zoom Team,

We are unable to join webinar from electron SDK. When we call the zoommeeting.JoinMeeting(opt) function in the SDK we are shown a connecting screen(pfa screen shot).
When debugging we noticed that this issue occurs when redirectWebinarNeedRegister(true) function is called. When this is not called or set to false the users are shown a
Enter email and name window, on clicking on join meeting button we are able to join the webinar. We are able to join the same meetings from the android and ios sdks.

Meetings are working fine. This issue is present only when joining the webinars. We are on the latest version of the electron zoom sdk(v5.2.42037.1112).

Which Electron Client SDK version?


Is there any update on this? Is there any workaround.

Hi there, Have you tried the sdk version 5.5.12511.0422 ?

Hi logoforyouimake,
We have updated the sdk to the 5.5.12511.0422 version, but the issue is still present.

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