Unable to make GET request for /users/{userId}/webinars, invalid scope


I’m attempting to make a GET request and get the list of webinars. I’m using this sample code, slightly modified (I just changed .get(…/users/me) to .get(…/users/{MyUserId}/webinars)).

When I try this, I get back this error message:

  "code": 4700,
  "message": "Invalid access token, does not contain scopes: [zms:webinar:write, webinar:write:admin, webinar:read:admin, zms:webinar:read]"

I added those scopes when I created my OAuth application:


But, it seems strange that the API responds saying I need zms:webinar:write, webinar:write:admin, webinar:read:admin, zms:webinar:read.

What is the zms:webinar:read scope, and how is this different than webinar:read?

My account is definitely “PRO” and I scheduled a webinar.

Which Endpoint/s?


Hey @xrd, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

I am guessing your OAuth app is User Level. In that case you need to use the me keyword instead of the {{userID}} to call the User Level APIs.

Let me know if that works! :slight_smile: