Unable to map meeting registrant id with live participant id

Hey @FutureX,

Thanks for sharing, yes this is the case we are working on improving. Right now the constant is the email they register with, it will pass through to the Get participants APIs:


My question is why does this work in Webinar but not Meeting API?

@tommy here’s an example:


  • Meeting is registration required
  • Create registration, gets registration_id back as uAS6dH4LR128h7uNu9527A
  • Join as logged in user using join link from registration, get payload.object.participant.id as rEhKojUMTK2fBn_lOFDuTQ
  • Join without logging in, incognito, via browser (but using join_link from registration) payload.object.participant.id is blank
  • Doing a meetings/###/registrants call returns uAS6dH4LR128h7uNu9527A as the id
  • The user in the meeting has the name from the local zoom client in both cases (even though zoom client is logged out)


  • Registrant comes back with ID of McxymcfPTzukKloK1C7Frw
  • Joining using a logged in zoom session particpant.id of McxymcfPTzukKloK1C7Frw
  • Joining using an incognito participant.id of McxymcfPTzukKloK1C7Frw
  • In Webinar, it takes the user name from Registration that was sent to Zoom

The way webinar works seems to be the correct way. This appears to be a bug, instead of a feature request. My guess is that the logic is messed up that enforces the rules for what shows up in the ID field. The documentation is the same for both webinar and meeting webhooks, but they behave different. In no cases does the original registrant ID get passed to the meeting webhook, where it should when there is registration required for the meeting.

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Hi @gagathos,

We are aware of this issue, and it will be fixed in one of our upcoming releases.


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Any ETA for this fix?


This needs to be fixed. It’s basically destroying half of our zoom automation and forcing us to manually review thousands of records.

Hey @BCELT @elearningevolve,

Our team is aware of this issue and they’re planning to address it as soon as they can.


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