Unable to Start/Join Meetings from Specific Devices

We’re currently in the process of upgrading JWT to OAuth in one of our internal iOS apps. We’ve gotten through the upgrade with no issue in our development environment and are currently working on staging. At the moment, this build is currently unable to launch or join calls. We do use this app to have hosts call into the device and this currently works without an issue.

We do also have an app log that can be provided if it’s helpful.

App Info
App ID: c6s4_vTLStqJOrLxiNn-Ig
iOS Meeting SDK version: 5.14.0
iOS Build: 16.4.1 (iPadOS on 8th Gen iPad), 16.4.1a (iOS on iPhone Pro Max 12)

Hi @mchaisson ,

If you are using Meeting SDK for iOS, it is not directly affected by JWT App type deprecation happening on 1st Sep 2023.

JWT App Type is typically used to access Zoom REST API.

For Meeting SDK iOS, you will use a Meeting SDK App Type
The Meeting SDK iOS uses a JWT Token for authorization, and thereafter for joining / starting meeting. This JWT Token should not be confused with JWT App Type as they refer to different matters.

hope that helps

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Thanks for the reply, Chun! The JWT piece was used by a web app tied to the mobile SDK app. They both leverage the StartMeeting and EndMeeting webhooks and we’re working on getting those moved over to OAuth.

The backend app update appears to be mostly working. We’re able to call devices running the app and pull them into Zoom meetings as participants. It still appears as though we can’t get the app to launch into meetings as the host. We initially had some auth errors being returned and those were resolved in cleaning up SDK Keys.

@mchaisson To start meeting as host, you would need to get the host’s ZAK token.
If this is an internal application which you are building for your company, it would be easier to request for ZAK token via Server-to-Server OAuth App Type. S2S OAuth app type is meant to replace JWT App Type.

There is another app type called OAuth App Type, this would only you to only get the specific user’s ZAK token. If you use OAuth App type to retrieve someone else’s ZAK token, you might encounter an error.