Starting a Meeting as the Host with Zak Token

I am trying to join a meeting with the Web SDK as the host of the meeting.

This meeting has been scheduled but I’m trying to start it with the web SDK (using the zak token, signature, and apiKey properties)

For some reason, this is not working. Can you please explain how I can start a meeting programmatically (without the host going into the Zoom app)? From alot of documentation, it seems possible but I’m having difficulty implementing it.

Also, I noticed the JWT is getting deprecated around september this year.

How will apps continue to connect if the JWT tokens/api keys/secrets don’t work anymore using the Web sdk with ZoomMtg.join?


  • JWT App Type is deprecating. Web SDK needs to use JWT Token (aka Signature) signed with ClientID(aka apiKey) and ClientSecret to authenticate. ClientID(aka apiKey) and ClientSecret can be found from a Meeting SDK App Type
  • Starting a meeting with Web SDK requires ZAK token, and JWT Token(aka Signature) payload to be set as role : 1

Are you starting a meeting which resides outside of the SDK account? If yes, there is additional step which requires you to publish your Meeting SDK App before you can start / join meeting outside of your account.