Unable to use raiseMyHand() on Android

While a participant in a Webinar when call raiseMyHand() rom the click listener of my Hand Raise button
=> ZoomSDK.getInstance().getInMeetingService().raiseMyHand()
nothing happens. When I Log the output I get an “SDKERR_WRONG_USEAGE” error.

Which Android Meeting SDK version?
Android Meeting SDK v5.7.6.1922

Hi @tylorschuessele, thanks for using our SDK.

There does appear to be something strange happening when using this method as a webinar attendee. We’ll need to investigate this and get back to you once we have additional information.


Thanks Jon,
Is there a workaround (such as a different method or previous SDK) that should work? Or am I out o luck for the time being?

Hi @tylorschuessele,

I am not aware of a workaround, but we have identified a fix for this which will be included in the next release. It may work properly in older versions, but I would strongly recommend waiting for the new version of the SDK later this month.


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