Unsubscribe from sharePipe overrides/unloads externalVideoSourceDelegate

When calling getSharePipe()?.unSubscribe(with: delegate) the externalVideoSourceDelegate gets overriden/unloaded - stops working and the SDK takes over the video pipe.

Exactly after the call I see in the console:

Thread Performance Checker: -[AVCaptureSession startRunning] should be called from background thread. Calling it on the main thread can lead to UI unresponsiveness

This is the signal the SDK started the capture session - even if I had another capture session already running - using the externalVideoSourceDelegate.

Which iOS Video SDK version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. when connecting to the session set externalVideoSourceDelegate
  2. start a screen share and subscribe to it by getSharePipe()?.subscribe(with: delegate, resolution: ...)
  3. unsubscribe from the screen share by getSharePipe()?.unSubscribe(with: delegate)
  4. See error

Additional context
To trigger the issue I have to subscribe to the normal video stream by using:
getVideoCanvas()?.subscribe(with: view, andAspectMode: .panAndScan)
if on the other hand I use:
getVideoPipe()?.subscribe(with: delegate, resolution: ..)
The issue doesn’t occur.

Hey Rok! Thanks for your post. I know we just released v1.6.2 of the iOS SDK which may resolve this. Could you try upgrading and see if that fixes the issue?

@kellyjandrews I tried v1.6.2 and have to say that’s even worse.

The same problem now happens every time a user leaves the session without even unsubscribing from the share pipe - I get onStopSend and onUninitialized calls on externalVideoSourceDelegate and the SDK takes over the video source.

I am very disappointed. I am trying every single release after 1.3.2. and there is always something broken that prevents me from updating :frowning:

Thanks for trying it - I’ve requested someone with iOS knowledge to help out here, and hopefully, we can get things sorted out. Sorry for the trouble!

@kellyjandrews thanks for the quick turn-around. If you need more info / testing LMK :pray:

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