Black video using v1.5.0 + externalVideoSourceDelegate

When using externalVideoSourceDelegate the video starts as black (other subscribers see a black rectangle instead of user’s video).

After disabling / re-enabling the camera the video works fine. It just has a different aspect ratio - other bug reported here:

This was working fine in previous versions 1.2 - 1.4.

Which iOS Video SDK version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • start the session with a custom capturer / externalVideoSourceDelegate and the video received by other subscribers is black

@jackie.chen This happens only when using an externalVideoSourceDelegate and
session.sessionPreset = .vga640x480

When setting the preset to:
session.sessionPreset = .hd1280x720
the starts just fine on start.

I think :point_up: is somehow related to

Please look into it.

@jackie.chen If I use the suggestCapability passed by:

func onInitialize(_ rawDataSender: ZoomVideoSDKVideoSender, supportCapabilityArray: [Any], suggest suggestCapability: ZoomVideoSDKVideoCapability)
func onPropertyChange(_ supportCapabilityArray: [Any], suggest suggestCapability: ZoomVideoSDKVideoCapability)

everything works as expected - video is visible at start + correct aspect ratio after disabling and re-enabling video.

I would still like the ability to capture and send the stream as 640x480 - we support very old hardware that has CPU issues when sending HD video.

Please advice how can I convince the SDK my suggestCapability is 640x480. :pray:

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